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Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge Employment

The historic town of Talkeetna has a year round population of approximately 800 people. We are 2 hours north of Anchorage and 2.5 hours south of Denali National Park. Talkeetna sits about 60 air miles from "The Great One" Mount McKinley and is the take-off point for mountain climbing expeditions. We also pride ourselves in being a destination spot for some of the best fishing, hiking, rafting and picturesque prospects in all of Alaska. The Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge is a great opportunity for you to work, develop friendships and see all Alaska has to offer! We welcome you to join our team!

Outdoor activities

  • Hiking
  • Glacier and Wildlife day cruises (our sister companies offer employee discounts)
  • Fishing
  • Flightseeing
  • Biking and running on a paved 14 mile path
  • Rafting and Jetboat tours
  • Many staff get together for games of football, soccer, bocce ball, badminton, basketball, etc.

What's available?

  • The lodge features two restaurants, a lounge and a gift shop
  • Town offers restaurants (ranging from a pizzeria to fine dining) watering holes, two small general stores, coffee shop, gift shops, video rentals, book store and a library
  • A shuttle service is available from the lodge to town or it is a beautiful two mile walk into town

Travel to Talkeetna Alaska

  • Flights - Closest commercial Airport (Ted Stevens International) is in Anchorage, the flight from Seattle is approximately 3 hours in duration.
  • Driving- It takes approximately two hours to drive north from Anchorage to Talkeetna along the Parks Highway.
  • Train - Rail travel is available and employees can receive a 50% discount (May 10th thru Sept 15th) if space is available. To receive the discount, a faxed request must be sent by the Human Resources Department to the Alaska Railroad. Please see for schedule information before contacting the Lodge's Human Resource Department for a reservation.
  • Coach Service - The Park Connection (May 17th thru Sept 14th) offers transportation to the lodge daily. Employees can receive a 50% discount with manager approval.

What should I bring with me?
Weather can range from beautiful and sunny to overcast and rainy. Temperatures range from 60'F to mid 70'F on average. However, be prepared for temperatures dropping below 40'F or as high as the 80's F.

  • Water and wind proof jacket
  • A GOOD battery operated alarm clock (please note that we have occasional power outages, so have a reliable alarm clock)
  • Rain proof/outdoor/hiking shoes
  • Sweatshirts and warm fleece
  • Shorts, shirts, pants, undergarments
  • Uniform requirements - These items can also be purchased in Wasilla (1 hour away) or Anchorage (2 hours away) prior to your arrival for employment.
  • Groceries and sundries are limited and tend to be more expensive in Talkeetna. You may find it beneficial to shop at a grocery store in Anchorage or Wasilla (about half way between Anchorage and Talkeetna) before arriving in Talkeetna.

Required Documentation
Federal law requires all employees provide official documentation and proof of eligibility to work in the United States, you must provide either a US passport or drivers license or State issued I.D. card and a social security card or birth certificate. Foreign students will need to provide a visa issued by the US Justice Department. If you are in need of a social security card, you can get information at You will be prompted for a zip code and the code for the Anchorage office is 99501. Please contact the lodge Human Resources office for additional information.

Employee Housing
Our housing is not required but may be available for those who need it and are over the age of 18. All employees who accept any form of employee housing will be required to sign an Employee Housing Agreement.

  • A telephone is available for use in the under 21 communal facility and calling cards can be purchased from the Lodges Human Resources office. Private line telephone service at your own expense can be arranged in the apartment style housing units. Please speak with the Human Resources office which can provide you with the contact information for the local telephone company.
  • Most cell phone carriers have service in the area, check with your carrier before coming.
  • We offer pay-as-you-go wireless internet if you bring a laptop.
  • We have free on-site laundry facilities.

The following charges apply if you are offered employee housing :
All employees will be assessed a refundable key and damage deposit of $150.00 to $250.00 which will be deducted from your first few paychecks. This deposit will be refunded after you vacate the facility, return keys and the facility / site passes cleanliness and damage inspections.

Employee housing under 21 years of age
A Housing Fee of $5 per person per day will be deducted from your paychecks on a monthly basis while living in employee housing. We provide dorm style housing with communal cooking, leisure/television and gender separate shower/restroom facilities for employees who are under 21 years of age. Those who are under 21 will share a bedroom with 1-3 others and will share the communal areas with 32 other employees. Bedding and towels will be provided.

Employee housing over 21 years of age
A Housing Fee of $5-$8 per person per day will be deducted from your paychecks on a monthly basis while living in employee housing. We provide apartment style housing that includes a kitchen, bathroom and television for individuals who are over 21 years of age. Employees in housing who are over 21 years of age will share a bedroom with 1-3 others and will live in an apartment with 5-7 other employees. All kitchens are equipped with refrigerators, stoves, microwaves and cooking equipment and utensils. Bedding and towels will be provided.

Travel Trailers
A Housing Fee of $8 per person per day will be deducted from your paychecks on a monthly basis while living in employee housing. Three travel trailers are available and equipped for living. Please contact Human Resource for more details or availability.

Travel Trailer Sites
A Housing Fee of $3 per person per day will be deducted from your paychecks on a monthly basis while utilizing employee housing. Three travel trailer sites are equipped with full hook-ups. Please contact Human Resource for more details or availability.

Housing Policies
Employee housing is a privilege, not a right. Rules and policies are to help ensure a quality, peaceful and enjoyable experience for everyone. The following policies reflect some, but not all of the housing policies as written in the Employee Housing Agreement.

  • Employee housing is a "dry site" no alcohol allowed
  • Quiet hours are from 10pm to 8am. Employees work varied shifts.
  • Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge is a smoke free facility; no smoking allowed inside any buildings or employee housing facilities.
  • No pets allowed for seasonal employees.

Wages and Bonuses
In addition to competative wages we offer a seasonal bonus of up to 5% for a new employee and 10% to any returning employees of wages earned. Bonus is at the lodge management discretion and may be earned for completion of hiring agreement and attaining a satisfactory evaluation.

Pay Days/Direct Deposit
Pay days are bi-weekly, every second Friday. We do not allow any pay advances so please ensure that you have enough funds for food and other items for the first three weeks of employment. Talkeetna has one bank in the area which is about 12 miles from the lodge if you wish to open a savings or checking account.
Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union 907-745-4891
Mile 0.3 Talkeetna Spur Road, Talkeetna AK 99676
There is an ATM machine located in the lobby of the lodge as well as two more located in businesses in Talkeetna.

Personal Mail Delivery
Personal Mail should be directed to your own post office box. Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge will not be responsible for the receipt or delivery of employee mail during the season. To arrange for a private mail box, please contact the Talkeetna Post Office or fill out the online application to apply for Post Office Box service.

If you do not wish to arrange for a private mail box, please have all mail addressed as:
c/o General Delivery
Talkeetna, AK 99696

You may use our address to ship items to Talkeetna ahead of your arrival.
For letters, sent via United States Postal Service:
P.O. Box 727, Talkeetna AK 99696

For packages sent via United Parcel Service / FedEx:
Our Geographical address is: 23601 Talkeetna Spur Road, Talkeetna AK 99696

Uniform Requirements
The Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge is a premium facility. We require that all staff be appropriately dressed. Please refer to your job description or contact your manager for further information.

Standards of Appearance
All employees of the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge must follow the grooming standards as a basic condition of employment. Employees are expected to wear their full uniform, clean and pressed. Extreme hair styles and colors are not permitted, no non-natural styles or colors. Jewelry worn on the job must be conservative, in good taste, appropriate to working attire and safe. Visible body piercing, with the exception of ears is not acceptable. Visible body tattoos are also not permitted.

Application process
Jobs offered at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge usually start in early May and finish in mid to late September; preference will be given to candidates that can complete a full season. All employees have to pass a comprehensive background check.

Driving applicants must have also meet the following conditions

  • Hold a current CDL and be prepared to apply for an AK. CDL
  • Provide a two year driving record from the state you reside
  • Pass a pre-employment drug test
  • Subject to randson drug tests throughout the season
  • Complete a Talkeenta Alaskan Lodge administered defensive driver training course

We will start reviewing applicants in mid January.

Thank you for your interest in employment at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge.

In addition to the spectacular surrounding environment, we can offer a fun and rewarding experience.

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