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Drive to Whittier

Travel at your own pace along the Seward Highway to Whittier. Turn left off the highway at Portage Glacier Road and continue forward to Bear Valley, yielding to the left at the "Y" in the road. To access Whittier, proceed through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel, the longest shared rail / vehicle tunnel in North America. Follow the signs to Prince William Sound Cruises & Tours office, located at the end of the road on Pier 1.

Tunnel Time Recommendations
Whittier is approximately 1.25 hours from Anchorage.
We recommend you arrive at the tunnel fifteen minutes prior to times below:

  • 9:30am for the Wilderness Explorer Tour
  • 12:30pm for the Glacier Adventure Tour
For more information on the tunnel schedule and fares call (877) 611-2586.

Please note: Tunnel toll not is included in cruise rates.

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