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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own alcohol?
Yes, you can as long as a professional licensed caterer provides the alcohol and that all alcohol is served by a certified member of the caterer’s staff.

Do you allow hard alcohol?
Kenai Fjords Tours can provide beer and wine. If you would like to serve hard alcohol, it must be provided by a professional licensed caterer and served by a certified member of the caterer's staff.

Can I supply my own food?
For your safety and the safety of your guests, we recommend that you hire a professional and licensed off-site caterer if you would like food service above the items that Kenai Fjords Tours can provide. There is no discount if you do not take advantage of our meal service, but you may supply your own food.

Do you supply linens?
No, we include tables and chairs. You or your catering company will need to supply linens. We can provide you with the contact information necessary to coordinate the rental of linens and dishes at your expense.

How much is parking?
Parking is free for Kenai Fjords Tours guests. We can provide shuttle service upon request between the parking lot and the Kenai Fjords Tours office at no additional charge. KFT also has free parking or we can provide a pick-up from someplace in the Seward area.

How late can the party go?
Cruises generally return to Whittier by 10:00 pm. The last tunnel out of Whittier is 11:00 pm so the cruise must return by 10:30 pm and guests will need at least fifteen minutes to drive to the tunnel.

Is a Wedding Coordinator included?
Kenai Fjords Tours can assist you by providing vendor referrals and assisting your vendors on the day of your wedding. However, if you need more assistance, we strongly recommend hiring a Professional Wedding Consultant for personalized wedding planning and detailed Wedding Day Coordination.

Is there a discount for Sunday – Friday events?
Although we do not offer a discount for certain days of the week during our peak operating season (June through August), we can provide lower rates for events that occur between September and May.

When is the rental fee due?
A deposit of 50% of the anticipated total is due 60 days prior to the event and full payment is due 30 days prior. If the booking is made less than 60 days in advance of your event, 50% of the balance is due at time of booking and the remainder is due 30 days prior. Additional charges incurred during the event must be paid for prior to departure.

Who do I contact for more help?
Geri Kemp
[email protected]

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