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Overnight at the Wilderness Lodge

Get wild with the Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge. Enjoy our most popular overnight package at this remote island paradise. Beachfront cabins, a private chef, island naturalist and a premium Northwestern Fjord Tour operated by Kenai Fjords Tours.

Remote Cabins on Fox Island

In the deep U-shaped valley between two of Fox Island's peaks, rests a remote wilderness lodge on the pebbled shores of Resurrection Bay. The Kenai Fjords Wilderness Lodge is a high quality, unique experience that takes visitors to our exclusive property on Fox Island, located in the heart of Resurrection Bay.
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Kenai Fjords & Resurrection Bay

Travel by boat from Seward to Fox Island and overnight in your private seaside cabin. Many guests come to Fox Island to refresh their spirit while they listen to the ocean lapping upon the beach and feel the breeze stirring the long grass as they watch the early morning mist hanging on the peaks nearby. An overnight stay on Fox Island is a wonderful way to experience the remote beauty of this special place.
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